Trauma Support

Training Ukrainian psychologists and teachers

When 125 Ukrainian psychologists reached out for help and support, one week after the war in Ukraine started, Trauma Support Ukraine (TSU) was created right away. This is a collaboration between 3 Dutch based organizations: Trauma Company, Sounds of Change and Safe & Sound, who have over a decade of experience in trauma-sensitive support in war and conflict areas.

On 4 March 2022 TSU started with the first online training on trauma-sensitive support in acute crisis situations to these 125 Ukrainian psychologists. Since then, TSU has provided biweekly webinars and specialty webinars for Ukrainian psychologists and teachers. Every time, more and more Ukrainian mental health professionals and teachers are getting connected.

“This is my safe space…”

“Infinitely grateful…”

“Full of light and hope!”

Feedback from Ukrainian
psychologists and teachers

The purpose

The goal is to equip these professionals in order for them to support the Ukrainian people
trauma-sensitively, and by doing so build their resilience and prevent the possible
development of post-traumatic stress disorder or other trauma-related symptoms.

Practical psycho-education

The training contains psycho-education (based on the most recent neuro-scientifical knowledge, but given in a very practical and clear way) on how to support children, youngsters and adults who are in an acute crisis situation or who just left from an acute crisis. It goes into all necessary topics related to stabilization and in-crisis support, combined with strong (breathing, body, cognitive and non-verbal) techniques and practical tools to support people who are overwhelmed from all experiences and the current situation. Important in these training is also the selfcare exercises for all participants, in order to prevent secondary traumatization and/or burnout. All participants receive short videos and audios of (those parts of) the webinars with practical exercises and information, in order for them to also re-view this afterwards and possibly share it with other colleagues in the field.

“I think I was able to survive the first six months of the war thanks to your webinars.”


Trauma Support Ukraine is a collaboration of these partners:

Trauma Company

Sounds of Change

Safe & Sound


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If you want to support Trauma Support Ukraine by making a donation, you can do so through the website of our partner
Sounds of Change.